Dental Financing
Dental Financing - there are many dental treatment payment plans available through various finance companies.

Finance Your Veneers Over the Years!

The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of major dental work is money. You either have it up front or you don't! There are different wants and needs relating to your smile. Want based dentistry is most often cosmetic and with any esthetic procedure, there is an out of pocket expense that has to be paid up front to the dentist.

Dental Financing companies have been popping up everywhere to cash in on the makeover boom. More and more people will do anything to get a new smile. The great news is you the consumer have options. Two of the biggest companies in the dental financing biz are Dental Fee Plan and Care Credit. Both are large companies that have thousands of dentists referring patients to their service. Are they the only companies will to loan you money for dental work. No. There are finance companies owned by banks and there are independent dental finance brokers that work with multple lenders that have a little more flexibility to shop around and find you the best interest rate.

Is Dental Financing Worth It? Should You Wait?

The biggest question to ask yourself is: "How important is my smile and how will having a better or improved smile affect me? There can be thousands of different answers to this question. The first that comes to mind is increased self esteem and confidence. Smiles affect both our personal and professional lives and have a dramatic effect on how people perceive your personality. We finance many other goods and services, cars, homes, furniture etc. so why not make an investment in yourself? Makes sense, because the biggest asset anyone has is themselves!! If you can afford a monthly payment and it will not cause undue hardship on your personal finances, dental financing may be worth taking a look at.

What Kinds of Dental Treatment Can Be Financed?

Most dental finance companies will loan you money for most cosmetic procedures. Porcelain veneers, dental implants, orthodontics, invisibles braces and restorative dentistry procedures can be financed.

How Do I Get Financing for Dental Treatment if I Have Poor Credit History?

So, if dental financing is the answer to getting your treatment completed and you have bad credit you'll have to get a co-signer. There are multiple lenders in the market and some focus on helping people who have had bad credit history get financing for a variety of reasons, not just for dental care. Some banks may decline your application but others may approve you, except that you'll probably be paying a higher interest rate. Shop around, money is money and you will be paying regardless of what dental financing company you go with. Interest rates today are still relatively low compared to previous years. Make sure you get a competitive rate if that's the path you choose to follow. With a co-signer you may increase your chances of getting approved and have the option to exercise the loan for your dental treatment.

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